Windows to the Past

Why are antique shops such a favorite destination and why should we continue to be excited about the “obsolete?” Because for “pickers” and collectors, the search is akin to an archeologist’s moment of discovery—the “Eureka” moment when you realize it isn’t just an old egg beater but that it was once a young woman’s kitchen helper. It was what she used each morning to prepare her family’s breakfast from the half-dozen eggs she had just collected from the backyard chicken coop. Antiques are a connection to the people of the past and present valuable lessons. Why buy something new when it simply duplicates the result of an older piece?

A young couple determined to create a comfortable home on a limited budget can really stretch their decorating dollars with used furniture and antiques. Poking around in shops and barns for bargains that can be refurbished is fascinating. There is so much rich history that has been discarded by previous generations. In the past century alone, mechanical objects were quickly replaced by electronics, and electric power took the place of human hands in the operation of woodworking tools, hair appliances and kitchen equipment.

This is the culture of those that go antiquing and that is the spirit we’re looking to encourage at The Bookworm. So please stop by our shop here in Wanatah to take a look at the excellent collection of windows into the past.