An Introduction to the Bookworm

Welcome to The Bookworm! Many of you may be joining us here for the first time and are wanting to know more about what the Bookworm is all about. Well, let us enlighten you! The Bookworm is located on US 30 just west of Wanatah. We are pleased to be one of the few antique stores in LaPorte County.

There are many rare items on our shelves that you will not find anywhere else. We have large collections of antique trinkets, ceramic figurines, art, glass decorations, and books from many eras in American history. We have classic hardbacks such as Moby Dick and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as well as a vast collection of historical texts dating back to the Civil War. Here at The Bookworm, you can find everything you need to finish your ceramic figures collection or find that perfect piece for your mantle. We have paintings for that empty spot on your wall or antique center pieces for the dining room table.

Or maybe you have some antiques that are taking up space around the house. Occasionally, we like to make additions of unique items to add to our displays. Please get in contact about assessing your estate or collections.

Thank you for reading, look for more posts to come in the future!